Wall tiles ideas

Traditionally, most people turn to paint or wallpaper for their home decor, however in recent times, increasing numbers of people have been looking to wall tiles to decorate their homes. While kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles have long been popular with homeowners, wall tiles are now often being used in other living spaces such as living and dining rooms thanks to the stylish range of finishes now available. Browse the collection of wall tiles in our Dublin showroom and you are sure to be impressed by the most outstanding range of wall tiles in Ireland.

Bathroom wall tiles

While bathroom wall tiles are a classic design concept, there is no need to be bound by convention thanks to the vast spectrum of finishes, shapes and colours available. If you like traditional themes, you can opt for classic white and black subway tiles for a vintage feel or go for a more colourful look with vibrant subway tiles for your bath and shower area. If contemporary looks are more to your taste, give your bathroom a stylish overhaul with glass mosiac tiles or choose to emphasise the clean minimalist lines of your space with attractive white hexagonal tiles. You can even go for an ultra-glamorous appeal with gorgeous marble-effect wall tiles. Black Subway Tiles Black marble subway tiles Roma marble subway tiles

Kitchen wall tiles

Whatever style your kitchen, kitchen wall tiles are the perfect way to bring a modern, updated appearance to your decor. Our showroom displays the best range of kitchen wall tiles in Ireland so you are sure to find a wealth of inspiring ideas. A rustic appearance is very popular in kitchen spaces, so why not bring a touch of the Mediterranean into your life with the gorgeous and colourful Aranuez tiles? Alternatively, complement stainless steel appliances and glossy surfaces with reflective glass wall tiles for the kitchen of your dreams or go for a retro vintage theme with stunning dark green Victorian metro tiles that will make a fabulous feature of your splashbacks. Whichever choice of wall tiles for your kitchen you make, you can be sure that the result will be spectacular, and with the biggest selection of kitchen wall tiles in Ireland available for you to choose from, we are sure that you won't be disappointed. Tiles are not only beautiful but are infinitely practical and easy to clean making them a functional and hygienic choice for your kitchen, and when you browse our range of kitchen wall tiles in our Dublin showroom you are certain to be inspired. Spanish rustic tiles Steel Glass Subway Tiles

Decorate your walls

As well as boasting the biggest collection of kitchen wall tiles in the Dublin area, we also take pride in supplying a fabulous range of tiles suitable for decorating the walls of any room in your home. If you are looking for an exciting and unusual way to update your home decor, discover our selection of living space wall tiles in our Dublin showroom which will change all your preconceptions of tiling possibilities. A hot new look is to use traditionally outdoor materials to decorate your interior walls, so to harness all the possibilities of this exciting new look without any of the practical problems associated with using natural materials as your wall coverings, why not opt for our realistic-looking brick tiles in your dining room or hallway, or unusual cement-effect cladding which will give your living spaces a unique appeal? Stone wall tiles are especially attractive and work well in a wide range of spaces including your lounge, conservatory or dining room. Our stone wall tiles are available in different finishes and colours so that you can create any look you desire. Brick tiles Cement effect tiles Contemporary stone wall tiles

Finest collection of wall tiles in Ireland

There are so many creative ways to utilise wall tiles in your home redecoration projects that the possibilities are almost endless. Whether modern or classic, colourful or minimalist, natural or polished, there are countless ways to bring your decor bang up to date. Our showroom boasts the finest collection of wall tiles in Ireland, so come and talk to our experts and together we can design the perfect tiling project that will breathe new life into your home.