The Importance of a Good Tiling Contactor

The Importance of Using a Professional Tiling Contractor

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
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Whether you are tiling a small kitchen splash-back or lavish luxurious bathroom you should always ensure that  an appropriate  amount of your tile budget is set aside to employ a professional tiling contractor. I would rather see a customer spend less on their tiles and  in the knowledge that their chosen material would be installed correctly.
The old adage that a good tiler can make a bad tile look good while a bad tiler can make a great tile look awful is more true today when one considers how the tile industry has progressed  in recent years through the variety of different types of tiles and natural stone on the market, the array of different substrates for tiling onto (Gypsum Screed, Plywood, Cement board etc) , and factors such as the increased usage of Underfloor Heating etc mean that it is vital to use a professional tiling contractor as opposed to an individual or tradesman who can “tile “. In such an increasingly technical profession and in a time when homeowners and their design professionals are increasingly opting for coverings that don’t easily “date” the importance of using a professional tiler cannot be overstressed.  
The slowdown in the construction industry has meant that an amount of people have added tiling to their repertoire of skills – however one wouldn’t ask a tiler to wire or plumb one’s house and the opposite should equally apply!

5 Tips for Choosing a Tiling Contractor

  1. Get a referral from someone you trust such as your architect, builder or tile  retailer. Professionals   will generally  only recommend a tiler that they trust as to a large extent it is their own  reputation which is on the line. For example we currently only recommend one tiler whom we know will carry out work to the standard we deem to be acceptable.
  2. Where you don’t have a referral ask the contractor for references from previous jobs similar to your own and check them.
  3. Always ensure that the contractor has professional insurance, and that you have their address and land line number as well as a mobile contact number.
  4. Before engaging the tiler ask them to visit your job and agree all works to be carried out rather than quoting you over the phone.
  5. Agree a schedule and only pay when the works have been completed as per the schedule.
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