Kitchen Design

A beautiful kitchen can make all the difference to your home. Whether you want to add value to your property in preparation for a sale or you simply want to bring your room into the 21st century, there are lots of wonderful kitchen designs which can be explored using tiling solutions. Whatever kitchen design ideas you are inspired by, from the traditional to the contemporary, you are sure to find the perfect tiles for your wall or floor to complement your decor. If you are looking for exciting kitchen ideas, read on and discover concepts for designer kitchens that cannot fail to impress.

Small Kitchen Design

A small space need not restrict you when it comes to exciting kitchen design ideas. The key is to maximise your space by planning kitchen layouts that fit all the essentials into the area that you have available without clutter or waste. When it comes to small kitchen design, you need to think carefully about the tiles that you should use to best effect. Small tiles make your room look larger, so why not choose petite mosaic tiles like the white hexagonal tiles which make a beautiful flooring solution? Keeping your space light and bright will also make your kitchen appear more spacious, so going for plain white subway wall tiles will open up your room exponentially. Another good way to give the illusion of extra space is to choose a high gloss tile which will reflect the light and give a mirror effect. Kitchen design gloss tiles

Designer Kitchens

If you are inspired by modern kitchen ideas but don't want the expense of hiring a designer, you can easily achieve the same look yourself by utilising some of the contemporary tiling solutions available today. Some of the hottest looks today use natural materials like stone and slate, and you can copy many of these modern kitchen ideas by using look-alike tiling for a more convenient and easier to maintain alternative. Beautiful limestone effect flagstone-style floor tiles are available in several colours from white and cream to grey and black making it easier to match with your decor, and with a range of finishes to select from, you can recreate a traditional look or aim for a more contemporary kitchen design. Alternatively, porcelain slate effect floor tiles are low maintenance and look stunning. Autumn Natural Tiles

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Many kitchen designs in style magazines today bring the outdoors indoors by using natural bricks and cement to make a statement. Now, you too can emulate this look by opting for beautiful brick and cement effect tiles that are easy to look after but look just as good as the real thing. Use cement or concrete floor tiles for an ultra-modern appeal or use brick effect cladding on your walls for a look that is sure to turn heads. Concrete tiles brick effect cladding

Colourful Kitchen Design

While the minimalist look is still in vogue, a splash of colour is generally added to bring excitement and vibrancy to the space. Whether your taste is for bright shades or more subtle looks, there are colourful tiles available that you are sure to love. Opt for the shabby chic look with beach-inspired striped board style flooring or choose a subway tile for your walls that will emphasise your use of colour and carry your theme through the space. Shabby Chic Tiles Green Kitchen Wall Tiles

Spanish Appeal

Spanish feel kitchens have always been in style and have a timeless elegance that will never go out of date. Capture the essence of the foreign climes for yourself by adopting the warm tones of terracotta for your floor and floral mural tiles for your walls to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your home. Terracotta Tiles

Kitchen Island Designs

If you have a larger kitchen, you may want to think about incorporating kitchen island designs into your kitchen layouts. An island is both attractive and practical, and with a tiled wall it is super easy to clean and maintain as well as becoming an eye-catching feature of your space. Make a statement with bright subway tiles or blend more muted tones with your room's decor. Alternatively, really aim to impress with a mosaic tiled island. A natural leather or pebble effect mosaic tile is creative and yet still classic. Pebble Mosaic Tile

Feature Wall

If you are opting for minimalist lines in your kitchen, one way to give your room a spectacular makeover is to make a feature wall or splashback that will really stand out in the otherwise neutral decor. One way to do this really effectively is to use a beautiful glass mosaic tile which will look stunning and bring your kitchen to life. Another effective choice is an antique mixed colour metro tile which will bring a subtle retro feel to the room and really draw the eye. antique metro tiles

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