Our Tile Suppliers

Our ability to continually offer our customers the very latest designs in quality ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles is in no small part thanks to the longstanding relationships and agencies we have with our tile suppliers, the leading manufacturers in Spain and Italy. You will find below a brief description of some of these factories, their specialties and links to their websites (Click on their names) to give you a flavour of the material we can offer that is not all featured on this website. Get in Touch for more details
  • Cotto D'Este: Manufacturers of extremely high quality porcelain stone tiles for design driven commercial projects and luxury homes. Original developers of 3mm thick large format porcelain tiles.
  • FAP Ceramiche: One of Italy's best loved and internationally renowned manufacturers.  Winners of numerous design awards for their ability to produce innovative new collections, particularly but not confined to, wall tiles
  • Unicom Starker: The best selling factory from our showroom, Unicom have an uncanny ability to capture the current trend in ceramics at any given time.
  • Ceramica Vallelunga: Winner of  The 2013 Best of Year Interior Design award for best hard floor covering for it's Memento series, available from our showroom.
  • Imola Ceramiche and sister company Leonardo Ceramiche: With a pedigree of design and technical advancement dating back to 1874 these factories are to the forefront of producing technically and aesthetically excellent tiles.
  • Mosavit: Established only in 2002 Mosaivit has quickly garnered a reputation as a market leader in the highly competitive and fast changing field of mosaics. A huge range of glass and stone options are always in stock and they are experts in the fast delivery of bespoke requests.
  •  Vives: While other factories in Spain have had their struggles over the last few years Vives has gone from strength. The sheer breadth of their ranges and the fact that large quantities are always available means that this powerhouse of affordable and quirky tiles is now firmly established as a world leader.
  • Porcelanite Dos: The best manufacturer of wood effect tiles bar none! Not content with getting the aesthetic right they put huge resources into also getting the texture spot on. The result needs to be touched to be fully appreciated.
  • Tilemaster Adhesives A levelling compound that pours to 50mm and will take flooring two hours later and a tile adhesive that is designed to be used directly on Anhydrite and Gypsum Screeds are just two of the market leading products developed in house over the last couple of years. Whatever the substrate Tilemaster,  for whom we are Irish agents, have the product and the technical backup.