Doing Things Differently

We've Changed Since Covid 19 -   Here's How and Why We Believe These Changes Will Benefit you!

As I write this on Easter Monday 2021 and look back on the changes a little over a year have brought to the lives of virtually everybody in the world -  I'm conscious that some changes by a small independent tile shop will not result in any great human betterment but what they hope they will do is improve the service we can give to our customers. We know that some of these we may have gotten right and some maybe not but we look forward to hearing from you as to what you find of help and indeed of hindrance.  Contact us here to let us know

First Contact

Previously when you first made contact with us though our website we would endeavor to call you back ( More of this later) to speak with you in an effort to establish your needs, if we could help you and how best we could do so. It proved exceedingly difficult to reach a majority of people by phone. From now we will ask you a couple of more questions through forms. This will allow us to then contact you with a better understanding of your requirements.

When we first opened 21 years ago we operated on an appointment basis. As years went by this changed to drop in at your convenience. However Covid forced us to change back to how we did things originally and we were struck by how much better this was for customers. By booking a showroom appointment in either of our Terenure or Swords Tile Studios it means that you and your family have the showroom to yourself for the duration of your visit. Our full concentration is on you, the only person who matters for that appointment time. The results of this have been phenomenal during Covid and we have decided to stick with it going forward.

Book an Appointment Here

Telephone Calls:
From growing up in an era when no one had mobile phones ( And land lines were even rare!) through all our years working to date it has was been stressed and impressed on us the importance of  answering the phone in a timely manner.
As our business has grown the number of phone lines has too but even so it has proven very difficult to answer the sheer volume of calls that come into us. Not only are people having difficulty reaching us but as above we also experience issues  reaching them - it takes us on average 5 phone calls to reach someone. In an effort to save peoples time ( and sanity!) we are trialing a voice message ( Initially from our Terenure store only) that asks people to contact us through email. We will be constantly reviewing how we do this in an effort that your contact gets to correct person quicker and more importantly we get back to you in a timely fashion

Again we would love to hear from you as to how these changes are working for you . You can contact us here